Why Pink


It did not take long to see there was a chemistry among us and a clear vision of what could be that we all saw about what we now refer to as “Pink.” We shared deeply the firm belief and passion in what we do and how we do it, the genuine compassion we all have for helping people, and the fact that day in and day out we have the ability to positively influence the lives of others. And that was something we all took tremendous personal satisfaction in.

When it became evident our vision had bigger potential, the foundation for our dream business became clear off the bat: give something back to the community we work for. Our theme color was going to be……(drum roll please) Pink! Pink signs, pink lock-boxes, bold bright pink everywhere.

Not only would it stand out and stand apart, but it also had a deeper meaning to us all. Giving back is important to all of us, and we shared a particular fondness for Breast Cancer Awareness (our adopted charity is Little Pink Houses of Hope, a breast cancer charity). We knew we would donate a portion of every home we sold to a breast cancer charity off the bat.

We also knew that women were the true decision makers when it comes to buying a home (sorry guys). They were the ones we needed to cater to, and what better color than pink?

But the kicker and what sealed the deal was when Marcy shared a fleeting thought, and started to recite the lyrics to John Cougar Mellencamp’s famous song “Little Pink Houses For You and Me.” Although we could have done without her singing, it was the lyrics she sang that captured us in an instant:by

Aint that America, Home of the Free, yeah

Little Pink Houses For You and Me”

We all started signing the lyrics (and buffered Marcy’s voice thank God), exchanged high-fives, and knew right then and there that was it.

“Pink” all fell into place at that moment. The lyrics seemed to sum up everything we were about; the American Dream and hardworking folks; of owning your own “Little Pink House”; and to us, how every hardworking American should have the opportunity to own their own slice of the American Dream. Pink is not a color, it’s a feeling.

And thus began our own dream. With our combined 50 years + experience, we could now follow our own path and vision of providing a genuine and clear path to homeownership for everyone.