Marcy brings over 12 years of Real Estate experience, wit, and a bad singing voice to Team PINK. Her background includes on-site new home sales where she received numerous productivity and customer service awards. When she transitioned into general Real Estate sales in 2005, her efforts were recognized immediately. Marcy is a very hard worker and has been awarded “Agent Spotlights” by her brokerage, as well as, “Top Producer” for her selling efforts on multiple occasions. In her spare time you may find her at the gym rocking out to Zumba, roller-skating, walking the dog, or singing karaoke (undoubtedly without a bucket). Fortunately for us, Marcy spent the money on Real Estate school instead of singing lessons and we are glad to have her spunk and dedication on our team. She is a tremendous asset to Team Pink, and we feel very lucky to have her on board. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, as well as a sincere desire to see all of our clients become success stories. She is a huge fan of the cartoon character Betty Boop (as evidenced by the multitude of memorabilia dedicated to her on her office walls), but a note of caution…….don’t ask her to do a Betty Boop impersonation. It will stick with you for a very long time.

Contact Marcy via email at Marcy@littlepinkhousesofamerica.com or call (904) 500-PINK


Bruce is the Vice President of Little Pink Houses of America and has been a Real Estate broker in Jacksonville since 1979. Over the past 35 years, Bruce has sold hundreds of homes and recently has been named a Top 25 Broker of 2013 by the Jacksonville Business Journal.
Broker Bruce has a diverse background in both Residential Real Estate and as well as Commercial. He started his career with a local San Marco Residential Brokerage before diving into the commercial arena. Bruce has also built hundreds of homes during his career. He is responsible for all Real Estate at Memorial Medical Center. In addition to his 35 years of experience, Bruce is still learning new trends and is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. We are privileged to have this local expert on team PINK.


Contact Bruce via email at b.buie@comcast.net or call (904) 500-PINK





Scott brings with him over 20 years of full-time real estate experience, and is the leader and “glue” of Team Pink. Scott has transacted just about every type of residential real estate there is during his career, and consults aspiring investors all over the country. His entire real estate background consists of working with people to help get them bank qualified, which is exactly what we strive for with every client at LPHA. Scott’s vast knowledge and experience are not any ordinary asset. After the mortgage meltdown when the banks changed the rules, Scott worked hard to come up with innovative strategies that benefited both buyers and sellers, which is evidenced by the amount of recent successful transactions. Scott is married to the love of his life April, and they have 2 beautiful daughters, Maisie and Laney, ages 8 and 2 (and they both get their looks from their mother, thank God). Scott is very active in his church, where he recently took on the role of “maintenance man” of the church building (yes they were desperate for someone to take this on). He sure is good at structuring the terms of a deal, but when it comes to “handy” work, dont get his wife started. She says he has trouble screwing in a light bulb. Yet this has not affected him earning his proud new nickname, “Fix-It Felix.”

Contact Scott via email at Scott@littlepinkhousesofamerica.com or call (904) 500-PINK


Michael is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and native of Columbus Ohio. Michael has 15 years of entrepreneurial business experience specializing in the areas of marketing and real estate investing. His areas of expertise include networking, sales training and management, marketing and business development. He has built a strong reputation in real estate as an aggressive and trustworthy deal maker. He’s boring as hell but we like him anyway.

Contact Mike via email at Mike@littlepinkhousesofamerica.com or call (904) 500-PINK